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"The Commission works to protect the integrity of the judicial process and promote public confidence in the courts. It also serves to improve and strengthen the judiciary by creating in judges a greater awareness of proper judicial behavior."

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In re David B. Ladenburg (CJC No. 7599-F-163): Stipulation, Agreement and Order of Reprimand filed February 20, 2015. new
In re Jeffrey D. Goodwin (CJC No. 7485-F-162): Stipulation, Agreement and Order of Admonishment filed December 5, 2014.
In re Kathleen E. Hitchcock (CJC No. 7377-F-160): Stipulation, Agreement and Order of Censure filed October 3, 2014.
In re Michael J. Sullivan (CJC No. 7554-F-161): Stipulation, Agreement and Order of Admonishment filed October 3, 2014.
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2013 Annual Report is available for download.
Judicial Officers: Please note that the Commission on Judicial Conduct is not the ethics advisory body for state judicial officers. Advisory opinions may be researched and solicited from the Ethics Advisory Committee. Additional ethics and law related links may also be found on our links page.
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